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Use organic olive or coconut oil  infusion for as-needed or maintenance use as well as for pets. 

CBD Contents: 


1 oz.: 500 of whole plant cannabinoid oil with 500mg of pure CBD

2 oz: 1000 of whole plant cannabinoid oil with 1000mg of pure CBD

4 oz: 2000of whole plant cannabinoid oil with 2000mg of pure CBD. 
Organic oils. Contains no additives, colors, flavors, or preservatives. (Above statements not FDA-verified.)


CBD with Organic Olive Oil or Coconut Infusion

SKU: 0005
PriceFrom $55.00
  • Orders are shipped out by noon.  If order comes in after 12:00pm, it will go out the following day.  We are now shipping orders priority mail as it seems to have more assurances as to whrn it will be delivered.

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