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CBD Dosing With Ezra

  • What is CBD?
    CBD is a cannabinoid, or molecule derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant (hemp, marijuana, cannabis) containing less than .3% THC. CBD works differently than THC (the main constituent in cannabis) in that unlike THC attaching directly to receptors in the cells, CBD modulates cell behavior by regulating the enzymes that break down the natural endocannabinoids we produce in our nervous and immune system. Thus, researches describe CBD as “toning” the action of the immune and nervous systems. Consult your physician however. CBD is not FDA-approved for many ailments.) It’s also important to note that cannabinoids are biphasic, which means they can cause the opposite effect on different individuals.
  • Where do you source your ingredients from?
    I get my pure CBD from certified suppliers that grow natural hemp specifically for CBD oil. Many companies providing CBD are getting their product from industries that produce hemp products like rope and paper and the CBD can be low quality.
  • What is CBG?
    CBG or cannabigerol is the precursor molecule to all other cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBC,) created by the cannabis plant with less than .3% THC. Therefore experimenting with CBG in these ailments may be promising but the FDA has not approved CBG for any ailment and thus, no one can make any medical claims in regard to CBG. Consult a physician and reach out to me for links to studies. It’s important to remember that CBG is not an FDA approved drug because it is still derived from the cannabis plant which is considered a controlled substance. However, as CBG and other cannabinoids mimic molecularly our own endocannabinoids that we produce to modulate the immune and nervous system, a 20-30 day course of CBG can be tried as an addition to or in conjunction with one’s physician’s guidance. Reach out to us with questions on ordering. (Statements not verified by the FDA.)
  • Do you have a formal Lab Analysis of your products?
    Yes, please find the lab analysis here
  • How does CBD interact with the Cytochrome P450 Enzyme?
    Many people ask about CBD’s interaction with the Cytochrome P450 Enzyme which can alter the liver’s metabolizing of some pharmaceuticals. Generally, much higher doses are required to have a noticeable effect, but it is important to be aware of CBD’s action in the liver. To be safe, clients should always consult with their physician and put a one to two hour gap between taking CBD and other drugs but CBD is not verified by the FDA. The goal is to reduce symptoms, not add to them. More info can be found at
  • What is the difference between your types of infusions?
    Although I make custom CBD formulas (usually more concentrated for those who need it), I have two main formulas: One is CBD oil infused in Olive Oil or Coconut Oil. The carrier oil cleans and nourishes and is good for topical use as well. The other is a grain alcohol/glycerine formula which is better for a sweeter taste
  • How should I take the cannabinoid oil (CBD, Universal Toner, or CBG)?"
    My preferred method is to take a sip of water and then squirt the oil into my mouth with the dropper, making sure not to touch the dropper with my mouth. This keeps the oil from getting contaminated from bacteria. Then I swish and swallow the water and oil together. I don’t believe it is necessary to hold the oil under the tongue.
  • Which bottle size should I buy?
    For those who are sensitive, one can try a smaller size- say 1/4 or 1/2 oz. To gauge your body’s response to the CBD gradually. But if you are comfortable with taking CBD, invest in a 1oz or 2oz size so that you can try it for longer and experiment with it or take more each time. Reach out to us with ordering questions. (Statements not verified by the FDA.)
  • Why Extra Strength?
    For those wanting more CBD with less carrier oil, the Extra strength provides a more concentrated version than regular strength. 99% of customers start with the Extra strength; more bang for your buck. (Statements not verified by the FDA. I do not make medical claims.)
  • Why choose a coconut oil infusion?
    Coconuts are a nut so some may be allergic. It’s a lighter oil than Olive with a different taste so some prefer coco to olive.
  • Why choose an alcohol-glycerin infusion?
    Use for a better-tasting CBD formula. Oil has been shown to aid in CBD oil absorption so that might suggest oils are superior but some prefer the sweet glycerin taste. (Statements not verified by the FDA. I make no medical claims, I only relay client reports and am here to educate. Consult your physician.)
  • What is the difference in CBD levels between Regular and Extra Strength?
    Most of my customers go with the Extra strength and unless you are very nervous to try CBD or have high-sensitivity to things, then try the Extra strength. (Consult with your physician as well.) REGULAR (about .7 mg per drop) 1/4 oz: 125mg of pure CBD 1/2 oz: 250mg of pure CBD 1 oz: 500mg of pure CBD 2 oz: 1000mg of pure CBD 4 oz: 2000mg of pure CBD EXTRA STRENGTH (about 2 mg per drop) 1/4 oz: 400+mg of pure CBD 1/2 oz: 700+mg of pure CBD 1 oz: 1600+mg of pure CBD 2 oz: 3300+mg of pure CBD 4 oz: 6700+mg of pure CBD
  • Why choose an olive oil infusion?
    Olive oil is the go to CBD formula for myself, and those allergic to coconut oil. 100% Organic, the olive oil is a perfect carrier for cannabinoids, bringing them them to tissues deep in the cells where the receptor sites can receive it. Olive oil can also be an excellent topical. (Statements not verified by the FDA. I make no medical claims. I’m just here to help educate. Consult your doctor.)
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